Glass candle jars are elegant and versatile containers designed to hold candles, and they are popular with candle makers, home decor enthusiasts, and others. At OLU, wholesale candle jars are made of heat-resistant, high-quality glass and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs for candle jar importers, distributors, and wholesalers to choose from.

In terms of functionality, we have scent candle jars, prayer candle jar, empty religious candle jars, votive candle jars, wedding candle jars, holiday candle jars and more. In shape, we have regular candle tumbler, cylinder candle jars, straight sided candle jars, square candle jars, candle vessel, also pillar candle jars, massage candle jars with spout. Regarding the capacity of candle jars, there are various sizes from 4oz to 16oz, and also include 7 days candle jars, 5 days candle jars, 3 days candle jars and so on. For different candle jars, we also sell matching lids, including bamboo lids, wooden lids, glass lids, metal screw lids, etc. We also wholesale candle jar boxes, providing a complete supply chain for customers’ candle packaging.

The visual effect created by candles is self-evident, we value the aesthetics of candle jars as much as you do, so we are quite experienced in the deep processing of candle jars. According to different styles and functions, we provide different process options, such as silk screen printing, spraying, labeling, etc., and moreover, we have many successful cases for your reference. Contact us, share your idea with us, we come to realize it!

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