Customize your bottle,Distinguish your brand.

For custom designs products, Olu Daily offers a wide variety of personalization options through variations in capacity, glass colors, bottle shapes, surface decoration, and types of corking or packaging boxes. We make any idea you have possible, from the initial design right down to the last detail.

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Production Process

OLU Daily offer a wide variety of decoration techniques to complement the bottles and closures. Decorating directly onto your chosen packaging produces a ‘premium’ finish. Some of the decoration offered are Silk Screen Printing, Hot Stamping, Decal, Frosting, coating, carving, Label, Electroplate,etc.

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    Spray Coating

    A limitless range of colours can be used to coat all surfaces of your packaging. Matching to specific colours or samples swatches can be offered. Gloss, Matte, Pearlescent, Metallic and Vignette finishes are all possible.
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    Screen Print

    Multi-Colour screen printing can be achieved on the majority of products.Colours can be matched to your requirements as well as using ‘Precious Metals’ such as Gold leaf and metallics.
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    Hot Foil

    Hot foil stamping is the process of transferring decorative foil to a glass surface under the influence of a certain pressure and temperature.The essence of the method is that a special multilayer foil is applied to the glass surface. You can choose silver or gold foil, glossy or matte, or a variety of special colors subject to quantity.
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    For images that have a lot of fine detail and colours we offer Decals. Create photographic image finishes on all surfaces of your product.
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    This technology allows to create an upmarket package with an individual look. The glass is transformed into metal thanks to a fine metallic coating applied either totally or partially. Resulting in either a brilliant or matt aspect, in a myriad of metallic colors.
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    Frosted Coating

    Sanding gives glass a frosted appearance. The texture can be more or less rough, depending on the grade used. Sandblasting reserves can be created, enabling patterns and insets to appear in specific areas of the bottle.
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    Elevate Your Products with Custom Printed Labels. Labels are straightforward and common options that offer plenty of design versatility. With a wide range of color and texture options, labels can create the perfect look for your glass bottles.
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